I am Samir Chandra, a professional artist. I do all kinds of work-related to painting. Painting is my main job. I was born in 1980 in Tollygunge, Kolkata. I have been addicted to drawing and painting since childhood. I am still immersed in the world of painting. In a word, drawing, painting is my passion and I can’t spend a moment without painting. In a word, painting is my food for survival. From a young age, my drawing background and base were floors and walls. On the floor and on the wall, I used to scribble with chalk and color pencils, So my parents admitted me to another art school and from there my art life started. After passing secondary education, I got a chance at a renowned college in Kolkata Government Art College and from there I passed the BVA and MVA one by one. I passed MVA from there in 2007 and during my student time in college, I earned special certificates of merit and awards. After college life began to enter the world of painting alone. At that time there were a lot of exhibition workshops and freelance work going on. Then I joined Emami Company in Kolkata as a graphic designer. I worked there for many years and gradually my acquaintance started and I became an artist in the art world. Along with my working life, from then on I started special attention to my own painting. One of the most valuable awards and exhibitions I received at the time was Mukulda Shepherd. This is how I got involved in painting in the present life. Currently I am deeply involved in painting and painting is my life.  I have participated in many exhibitions, solo shows, and many more as follows.


Mukul Dey  Award from Govt. college of art & craft in the year 2002


Exhibition Participation

• Annual Exhibition of Govt. college of art & craft(2000-2006)

• Annual Exhibition of Oriental Society of art, Kolkata (2004 & 2006,2007.2017)

• Annual Exhibition of Academy of fine Arts ,Kolkata(2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008)

• Annual Exhibition of Birla Academy of Art & Culture(2005, 2008)

• Calcutta Information Centre(2005, 2007, 2008, 2017)

• ‘I’ with in (2007. 2009)

• Chamold Art Gallery (A 1 Art Gallery, 2005, 2006)

• Academy of Fine Arts (A 1 Art Gallery,2007,2008,2014,2016,(17,18 for Bangla Desh),

• Nirvana Art Gallery(Delhi)(2006,2007,2008 & 2009)

• I.C.C.R Kolkata (2009,2012.2016)

• Gallery Gold- 2012.2016

• Silver Arched- 2012

• India Art Festival 2020 ( Represented by Dolna Gallery ) at Mumbai – 2020

Solo Show

  •  Genesis Art Gallery in the year of 2006
  • Academy of Fine Arts (2011,2012)


  •  G.O. V. T. college of art & craft (2005,2007)
  •  G.O. V. T. college of art & craft(N .B .T ,2005)
  •  Kakurgachi 1 no. Gram Ponchayet,2007
  • Art Mela (SRISHTI,Kolkata,2010,2011)
  • T.C Soner Bangla Hotel 2014
  • Interior Fair 2020 Organised by ABID ( 22nd January 2020 )
  • ABIT Art Workshop 2020

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